Gift in your Will

You can make health a priority now and in the future


A gift in your will to VON Oxford could help your family, friends and neighbours to live every day to the fullest. It could help someone with a disability live on her own. It could help someone access our residential hospice, Sakura House, and live their final days in comfort. It could help someone gain the confidence to be active again. It could help someone prevent illness by getting to an important medical appointment. It could help someone stay healthy by receiving nourishing meals.

While we continue to make strides in community-based health programs, we have much more work to do! The hardships faced by many in our community are very real. Your gift can help us make community health matter in Oxford County and give more individuals access to essential programs!

When you leave a gift in your Will, you pass on the values that you believe in and stand for during your lifetime. Your legacy gift, whatever its size, will help improve access to innovative community health programs for future generations.

What you need to know

A gift in your Will is one of the most popular and simple ways of ensuring that your values and beliefs live on to benefit future generations. Whether you are having your first will drafted or are revising your current will, including a gift in your Will to the VON Oxford is easier than you think.

1. Contact your lawyer, financial advisor, or tax consultant today to discuss your options. They will take care of the details!

2. Tell us you are making a gift in your will. It gives us the chance to say thanks and we can answer any questions about where your gift will go!

3. Know that you are making community health matter for generations to come!

Sample wording for wills:

Highest priority needs

I direct my Executors to give to the Victorian Order of Nurses, Oxford Community Corporation the sum of $_____ (or_____% of my residue) for use where it is needed most as determined in the absolute discretion of the Victorian Order of Nurses, Oxford Community Corporation .

Specific program

I direct my Executors to give to the Victorian Order of Nurses, Oxford Community Corporation the sum of $_____ (or_____% of my residue) to be used for the purpose of _____________ (examples could include: VON Sakura House, Adult Day Program, Meals on Wheels, Transportation, etc.), provided that if such purpose ceases to exist or ceases to be provided by VON Oxford, then the legacy shall not fail but the Directors of the Victorian Order of Nurses, Oxford Community Corporation shall use such legacy for a purpose which most closely resembles the purpose set out above.

We strongly suggest that you consult a professional advisor when preparing legal documents.

For questions about leaving a gift in your Will please contact:

Trish Gergich at 519-539-1231×269 or

VON Oxford

550 Ingersoll Avenue

Woodstock, ON  N4S 4Y2

Legal Name: Victorian Order of Nurses, Oxford Community Corporation

Charitable Number: 11928 4776 RR0001

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