Donate to VON Oxford Covid-19 Response Fund


VON Oxford has created a Covid-19 Response Fund to address urgent food security needs in our community.

“A meal is hope and love.” Oprah

Our VON Oxford team has been working diligently to help more than 800 clients during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve had to close programs and send our volunteers home. But, right away we started doing check-in calls and making resource packages. We redeployed our staff to help screen visitors at VON Sakura House and to take on the delivery routes for our Meals on Wheels program.

It has been a challenging time but it has also been incredibly rewarding to take care of our community. After six weeks of checking in and listening to clients, we are hearing that access to food and having enough food to eat are emerging issues. We knew we needed to act and we are now asking for your help.

VON Oxford has identified these funding priorities for our local VON Oxford Covid-Response Fund:

  1. Emergency Food Delivery: A donation of $20 covers the average cost of a trip to deliver groceries to an individual’s home in rural Oxford County.

  2. Emergency Grocery Care Boxes: A donation of $100 will pay for grocery care box that will support someone for up to two weeks.

  3. Home Help Subsidies: A donation of $16.50 will cover the one-hour cost of our Home Help program that helps individuals with grocery pick-up, meal preparation and laundry services.

  4. Meals on Wheels Subsidies: A donation of $20 will provide $2.00 subsidies to 10 individuals who are struggling with the cost of a meal.

Will you help someone in Oxford County today?

You can donate now to the VON Oxford Covid-19 Response Fund.

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