Audrey Pitts


Audrey and her husband Don decided to move from their family farm after his cancer diagnoses into an apartment in Tavistock in October 2012 and felt they also needed help from the Meals on Wheels Program.  Audrey had been recently diagnosed with colitis and this caused her to be very weak, making cooking very difficult. For two years, they both received two hot meals a week until Don’s passing in 2014.  Audrey has continued with the program as she is unable to stand for any length of time over a stove and prepare meals; any standing causes pain and discomfort for her.

Audrey shared that the meals “make a big difference. I can’t even sit on a walker my legs are too weak. I can’t cook any meals for myself, if there were meals 7 days a week I would take them. The volunteers delivering the meals are great, everyone knows each other. I really enjoy seeing them. They are consistent and always here on time. It is nice that the meals are always hot and ready to eat. If anyone asks I tell them they are a good size, I get two meals out of them. I have even recommended them to my own sister.”

Audrey has one child, her daughter Julie, who is her caregiver.  “As a caregiver it makes life easier to know that my mom is getting a three course homemade meal and not eating a TV dinner. It gives me relief in knowing she has had lunch and I don’t have to worry. Tavistock is lucky to have the Meals on Wheels Program; many seniors are staying in their own homes longer instead of nursing homes.  This program also helps widows and individuals living on their own.   If Tavistock didn’t have the Meals on Wheels Program I don’t know what I would do.  You can’t ask for friendlier service and Tavistock is a growing community and this program is essential.”

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